Banned for 3 hours

This has been happening for several weeks now and it even happened about 5 minutes ago. If I leave just one game now I get placed on a 3 hour ban. Today I played just one match and I got booted for betraying a team mate, he was dumb enough to keep jumping infront of my vehicles. So after that I get placed on a 3 hour ban. I am in EST so its 2:47 right now. The game told me my ban will be lifted at 5:45 pm. A member of 343 on Reddit told me a 3 hour ban is not a thing, and yet I keep getting banned for 3 hours only. I don’t get why friendly fire isn’t turned off because idiots like this take advantage of it to get other people kicked. Now before people go and attack me by saying “Well don’t quit games etc” I am not here to fight I am here to say there is an issue with the ban system on this game, I posted this in reddit for Halo and people just called me a liar and attacked me. I even posted a video of this happening to another post and no luck with that. This keeps happening over and over again. 3 Hour bans aren’t a thing so why does this keep happening then?!

Please use the respective ban threads for ban questions in either Halo 5 or MCC (links are in my signature).