Banned for 15 minutes after ONE quit

Ok, this is total BS. I quit ONE -Yoinking!- game, after playing like 20 games in a row last night without quitting once, I get a stupid map which I hate, and the other team’s players ALL LEAVE except 3 people for a BTB match. I’m not wasting time playing 3 people when we have 8, it’s ridiculous and a waste of time. I got a freakin’ ban for 15 minutes.

343 change this damn policy, it’s ridiculous. People should be banned for quitting one or two games here and there, if it’s like 6-7 games in a row fine, whatever, but this is -Yoink-. Period.

If it was your first offence it would only have been five minutes. The ban is extended to fifteen minutes on the second offense. You can read more about ban times here.

Please use the appropriate megathread for ban topics (links in my signature).