Banned for 1 accidental team kill

Honestly, 343.

I threw a grenade and it was a betrayal. Then the guy chose to boot me from the game.

Now I have been banned. I don’t know how long for, maybe an hour.

I’m a social player who plays the objective. I bought your game at full Australian RRP, am an Xbox Live member, and spend a lot of time in multiplayer shooters.

Get your sh*t together. Black Ops 2 can’t come soon enough if you’re handing bans out so easily.


Lmao dont betray your teammates brah

LMAO meathead I’m not a brah

Lol everyones a brah. But quit complaining and try to throw your nades more carefully

LAWL! It’s k, it happened to me before, it was funny!
Them splinter grenades… LAWL

Why does friendly fire exist? -_-