Banned due to connection problems. FORCED to quit.

I don’t know if anybody else knows just how -Yoinking!- infuriating it is when you just wanna enjoy a game of Halo and suddenly the screen goes black and says “connecting to game” only to be removed from the match by force, and get temporary banned because of something you had no control over. I think it’s total -Yoink- that I’m getting banned for the silly reason that I have poor connection sometimes. It’s unfair, it’s ridiculous, it makes no sense at all, and yes I get the point of the banning system and I think it’s great that they implemented that. However I do not quit matches simply because I don’t like the map I’m playing on. I’m being kicked out of the match with no other choice and I’m being penalized for it and that’s bogus. If they could somehow fix it so that the game knows the difference between connectivity issues and a player hitting the “leave game” option, so us gamers can retry a different game without having to wait till their ban is lifted.
P.S I know the bans are not that long, but imagine you get kicked out of the game because your connection sucks, and you have to wait 2 minutes to play again. No biggie, I’ll go make a tea. Then you come back and try again, only to get kicked off again and now you gotta wait 10 minutes. Well that’s unfortunate I’ll just go make food and come back. But it happens again now it’s a g** damn hour. This is absolute horse manure and I’d appreciate an update on the banning system because I never quit a game for stupid reasons so why should I have to be treated like it?

Please use the ban thread pinned at the top of the MCC Xbox forums for any queries on matchmaking bans