Banned & Don't Know Why

ive been banned from matchmaking i don’t know why i know i got 29 kiils with the tank and after it says banned what did i do wrong im worried now :frowning:

Yes you are punished for wanting to play a specific game type. 5 times in a row and you get a temporary ban. First is 5 minutes. Utterly stupid

Oh is that if you just quite till you get the mode you want? I see more and more people lately leaving straight up, hope its connection rather than just bailing.

No it’s bailing for the lottery wheel of game modes. Since there are no playlists but challenges are usually game type specific, but it wouldn’t be 343, if disconnects wouldnt also counts toward quiting in a tow and being banned🤯

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Man I think they nerfed Oddball because of the feedback, now I cant do a challenge.

Had the same problem had to use a swap, 29 games i had one odd ball which i managed to win but still needed to more. Insane