Banned because of Lag

I just moved into a new place and the internet sucks, I get banned every 4 matches because of lagg or bad conection and now I have a 2 days banned strike and every time the banned times doubles. Is there an email or phone number I can talk to? This isn´t fair I´m not leaving the matches, Its my bad conecction

There is a ban thread, found here, that will be better for answering your issues.
I don’t think much can be done other than you troubleshooting your connection. Halo 5’s servers appear unable to differentiate between quitters and connection issues. That being said, if your internet is as bad as you say, then you would still need to improve how you connect to Halo 5’s servers, since bad connections negatively impact the multiplayer population as a whole.

As above, pleas direct any queries to the ban thread in the Halo 5 forums :slight_smile: