Banned because of connection issues

Today marks the longest time (3 hours) I’ve been banned from Halo Infinite because I lose connection to the server.
i really hope this form of banning is removed soon, I’ve been a fan since '01 and it’s drastically affecting my enjoyment as a whole.

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At least try to see if there’s something wrong with your connection? Does it happen in other games too?
People with bad connection literally ruin online gaming…

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If the server doesn’t drop you, the game crashes and you get banned too. Want to leave a 1v4 Slayer match because there’s 8 minutes remaining on the clock? Believe or not, banned!

They really went above and beyond on this one to make the experience as unenjoyable as possible.

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I too am twiddling my thumbs for the next three hours.

I’ve had my fair share of bad connection games, but I’ve only ever been dropped once due to network issues, which I think was in regards to an update of all things.

Double check your NAT and hardware just to be safe

Smurf accounts you can make em for free

Infinite is the only game it seems I have this problem with, MCC is always worked fine and even voice comms I’m fine