Banned again! For???

So yesterday I was banned for 40 minute. Started at 15 or something. I went to play solo and wait my time after all it was my fault for not signing out all the way. Came back and was banned for 40 minutes. Huh? Post my inquiry and my ban was gone minutes later. Thank you. Today I kept having “retrieving data” issues. So I would restart my consol. If I took a break from the game (bathroom or getting a drink) I was sure to finish a game then back out of match making. Point was to ensure I properly removed myself from any match making thus preventing an unwarranted ban. I just got back on and was banned for 5+ hours! What! Seriously? For what. This is neat a joke! Halo doesn’t load my data correctly so I have to restart my consol. I log out of match making appropriately and I’m still banned. Does 343 or those at Halo even validate a ban b4 striking it? PEOPLE! I’VE BEEN A HALO SUPPORTER FOR OVER 10 YEARS! THIS IS RIDICULOUS! FIX THIS PLEASE. JUST LET ME PLAY. I DON’T QUIT GAMES…EVER…EVEN WHEN IT’S ME ALONE AFTER MY TEAM HAS QUIT AND I’M STUCK PLAYING 1 ON 4! IF I’M DOING SOMETHING WRONG WHEN I LOG OUT OF MATCH MAKING, TELL ME. DON’T JUST BAN ME. AND 5 HOURS?! EXTREME DON’T YOU THINK.

Please use the h5 ban megathread link in my signature and post this topic there. It’s where it belongs. :slight_smile: