Banned again for trying to play Big Team Battle

This is the second weekend in a row I have been banned for trying to play Big Team Battle. Only 1 in 6 attempts have worked to actually get a game and then I get trapped in an endless loop of “connecting to server” and “there is a problem with the dedicated server” over and over until I am forced to quit the game on Xbox and viola I am banned when I try to play multiplayer again. I can’t complete my weekly and of course it does not say how long the ban is for. 343 I just want to play the game on my day off you need to figure out a better ban system that does not penalize players for something that is a server issue.


I know it is disappointing but just stop trying man!!! ahahaha
Not mocking but being serious…stop trying.

I don’t even attempt to check BTB anymore as I always have to close my game and restart as once it fails to find a game in BTB, it causes it to fail for all game modes until I relaunch…I am on pc though

just let them have time to fix it


You are right and I would have avoided BTB all together until it was fixed but I was just trying to complete my weekly challenge (which are also problematic in there own way) that requires vehicles and BTB is the best way to complete it. The ban appeal is useless as well since they don’t work on weekends so if a player does get banned for a BS reason they are just SOL when a lot of people have their days off.

I get people want to play it, but we all know the game mode is broken, so why even waste time trying

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i just got a 3 hour ban due to BTB on PC. I have 1 last mission for my weekly challenge and requires btb. Dont know what the solutions is since support is closed during the weekends and cant help

The only solution i can think of is to just use a challenge swap if you have them. Then for the splatter challenge, just do it on Behemoth or launch site

Want the weekly rewards? Just stop trying
Want the game fixed and improved? Just stop trying
Want Classic Halo back? Just stop trying
Want the store prices lowered? Just stop trying
Literally every forum post about Infinite since the betas…

Solid advice. 343 approved.

Jokes aside, unless you genuinely really want that backdrop, it’s not worth the bans. I gave up since the sniper skin the other week.

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It certainly hurts the experience.
Arena is and always has been great but the game needs more.
BTB being nonfunctioning wouldn’t bring the game down so much if Firefight, Infection etc and certainly more maps were available.
But I did stop trying to even play because I have to relaunch my whole game every time I try. Isn’t worth it for me.
Should be a top priority for the dev team when they are back operational.

The holidays are over, they should be back by now, but it will take several weeks for them to fix BTB, if the first week of trying didn’t have any results. They said that they would collect data while they were on vacation, so let’s see if that data has anything useful for them

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Is today (3rd January) not a public holiday in the US?

Feels bad to wait for a game and get a ban on your record for trying to play it. It looks like support can’’t revoke bans on your auto ban record either

The whole “we’re on holidays so we’re not working on it” is an absolute joke. Its actually insulting as a customer. What happens when your power goes out over the holidays? Does the power company say “sorry were on holidays, can’t do anything about it” ? What about ISPs? Banks? Healthcare? I understand that this is a video game after all, but with millions of customers out there, you’d think 343 would have a tad bit more urgency to get this live service game fixed.

Any other service or industry would have the issue worked on and resolved regardless of the circumstances. Do what litterally every other company does over the holidays; pay a team of employees double time to get the issue solved ffs. I’d be more understanding if it was down for a couple days over Christmas or something, but an entire month with nobody even looking at it? “The Holidays” just isnt a valid excuse for not fixing a service that is completely broken for a month.

Its terrible customer service.

I personally just think things have lined up unfortunately. I hope that they wipe the leaving bans from peoples accounts and disable it until btb is fixed. If a low number of people have experienced this it’s possible that they will ignore the issue which would be sad.

It’s unfathomable that MS’s premiere launch title has a mode as integral as BTB not functioning for a close to a month and through the holiday season, and act completely normal about it as if it’s not a big deal. I’m seriously wondering when enough is enough? Imagine owning a restaurant and saying you can’t sell food because the register is down, for a month? Something has to give.