Banned after an accidental betrayal?

I was playing arena and tossed a couple grenades with a bad bounce which killed 2 teammates who quickly booted me and I thought “-Yoink-. I deserved that” and went on to play another match. This match went fine and when it was over I get a message saying I was banned from playing Halo 5? A single accident leads to ban? Isn’t that a little harsh? Or am I overreacting?

I just got banned bc I killed myself twice trying to get the powerup on Orbit…freakin stupid.

It needs to be harsh so people wont ex ploit it. If you’re betraying people accidentally youre causing your team to lose points, so the game consider that bad sportsmanship. Suiciding twice to get the powerup on orion is a risk/reward thing so you should have been wary.

This system will prevent the real -yoinks- from ruining multiplayer anyway, just cop it for now, its only like 5 mins…

I see that. It was like 3 minutes. I did have 7 of my 10 placement matches have a person on my team leave after we were down 6 or 7 points. It’s probably to keep people like that out of arena.

Next time don’t accidently betray someone then. :slight_smile:

While I agree that a system is needed to stop people from ruining games this is a bit much. I had two of my teammates run through the remnants of the splinter grenade and I got named for 10 minutes. If that keeps happening it will make me not want to play. These things happen in team death match. They need to broaden the scope of what constitutes a ban

Same here. Controller died, good booted, fair. I went for a ground pound on enemy player, accidentally also go teammate, got banned… Ugh, I wish it at least had a timer!

While on the topic of minor complaints…I wish arena mode gave more rp. I feel like I’m forced to play warzone to unlock armor