I still hate locusts.

Don’t you already have a thread talking about Banished? Why make a new one?

Cause I just lost to them 3 in a row and I am venting

…can’t you vent in the same thread?

No its buried

You would have gotten away with it, if it wasn’t for those meddling locusts.

Banished are the best :+1:

I’ve found that Locusts are much more difficult to use post patch, unless you’re Shipmaster aka the Space Pope lol. Getting them across the map instantly is still extremely powerful, but its also getting very predictable. As a Space Pope main, I do utilize this tactic but not nearly as much as before. Like I said, its really predictable. I’ve gotten into the habit of making Hunters/Cyclops when I play against Banished and just leaving 2-3 of them by my base, or somewhere nearby if Im Shipmaster cuz I can just teleport or extract them back to my base. You have no idea how satisfying it is watching Locusts teleport to my base and getting melted lol. Build siege turrets as UNSC, they’ll absolutely annihilate Locusts. Combine with at least one watchtower and you’ll be able to make sure they don’t escape lol