Banished Occupations

So I’ve watched the initial cutscene for Lone Wolves. Are the Banished on the same planet as the Avery J. Johnson center now? I’ve been writing some fan fictions, and am trying to keep it accurate.
Also, if they’re not on the same planet, does that mean they’re running operations off world now?

They’re not on the Avery J. Johnson planet, they did an operation on Camber. That’s the planet the Arbiter attacked during the war. The Banished just do raids and stuff, the only places they’ve really occupied are the Ark and Zeta Halo.

In the intro it’s mentioned that Cortanas Dominion is over and the Banished have rushed in to fill the void. So they must be occupying human worlds. I mean, why does the UNSC have a secret base instead of operating out of Earth with a fleet. They’re still in hiding.

So yeah the “small pirate faction” is now this juggernaught thats sweeping across the galaxy like the First Order. All about Freedom those Banished. :wink:

I personally think they might introduce some sort of Created Remnant faction. A lot of the armour descriptions for the new core talk about how they fight Created Constructs and such.