Banished Chopper

Is it just me or does the Chopper feels absolutely useless? I haven’t played much halo 5 mp and I don’t remember it in Halo 4 but here it feels like it does no damage. The fact that the boost doesn’t destroy other vehicles (especially if they drive into it) and the physics making everything so heavy and not floaty plus the shots just not being that good makes the chopper be absolutely useless. I always see it just laying around in games amd whenever it does get used, it immediately gets hijacked or destroyed because its no threat to anything.

Iirc correctly according to a challenge I had, we now have to grind other vehicles with the chopper wheels? Earlier today I actually happened to end up on a Warthog by accident and boosted whoch seemed to have actually grinded it (It made my controller vibrate and the Warthog exploded after a couple seconds with just me being there). But if that’s how it’s meant to be then it’s just bad design because when do you ever end up on a vehicle (unless maybe it’s standing around and you dont end up pushing it away instead)?