Banished aerospace craft

The release of Halo Infinite is in sight. From what has been seen so far the main antagonists, the Banished, have an impressive collection of weapons and vehicles. We have not seen many of this factions atmospheric or exoatmospheric vehicles though - besides their Phantom and Banshee variants. However the Banshee family, from the references I found, is mainly used for attacking ground targets.

…So the question is: do you think that the game will introduce any more Banished flying vehicles - specifically air/space fighters?

My answer is: yes. We know that some of the Banished vehicles are of Covenant origin which have been repurposed; such as the Riuctda Scout Bike (Ghost variant). They are also capable of designing their own vehicles as well. With this in mind I think it would be good if the Banished had their own equivalent to the UNSC’s F-41 Broadsword (fighter), or the Covenant’s Seraph (fighter). Plus: 343 Industries added the ability to spawn the Sabre space fighter in Halo: Reach’s Forge mode, among other vehicles, and it made for some fun maps. Imagine what gamemodes and maps could be made in Halo Infinite if that could be done in this game too.

What are your thoughts and suggestions?

They probably just use Seraphs and space Banshees like the Covenant.