Banhammer strikes again!

So, today I played two Warzone matches and 3 Arena Slayer matches. I only left one game because something came up and I didnt want to be just standing there the whole match. My last slayer went well and my team won. But, right before it would show my stats, it lost connection to the server. I was a bit pissed, because I didnt get any reqs. But I was truly pissed when I saw they decided to ban me for 48 minutes!!! This happened to me on tuesday too. I had left couple of matches, but the last time connection was lost to the server and here comes the banhammer again! Then it was only 10 minutes but still. Always love to be punished for something that wasnt my fault. This lovely thing happened to anyone else?

Please use the ban thread that is pinned in the support forums, thanks