Banhammer Overdrive

Well, played Halo 5 for the first time today and enjoyed my first experience with banhammer. I think it’s really fantastic that I was banned after asking the players to stop cursing at me and calling me names. Also, for killing me over and over. If I quit, then I get banned for quitting. So, banhammer just let’s them grief me over and over.

Having played MMOs and games for a long time, I understand that having people rage-quit in a match or go idle is not good, but really should you give people (implicit) permission to curse out another player and kill them over and over to get them to drop–so they get banned?

Having only started playing today, I am certainly not one of the players who have gone idle 40 times in the last few months. Therefore, the only reason would be because I’m new at the game and not up to par, so I was attacked by the other players then banned.


Mute your teammates if you have a problem with their language.
I go nuts with mute.
Like loud music?
Mic echo even once?
Sound like an 8 year old?

I assume you meant your team mates kept betraying you, because killing enemies over and over is sort of the whole point of the game.

Mate, report them if they’re cursing at you, betraying you, filing false reports, etc. Any one of those things could get them banned for some period of time, assuming you don’t retaliate in a violent fashion. I’m sorry this has to be your first experience with Halo.