Banhammer in Spartan Ops


I noticed that there’s a lot more boosters in Spartan Ops than it used to be. I’ve noticed that most of the boosters get 5 kills and then afk for the entire match.

What I’m wondering is if the banhammer is only kill based or do the banhammer track other things like kills/deaths, movement etc?

What I’m doing right now is reporting them but it feels kind of pointless because none of the guys I report get XP banned.

Just leave. No need in carrying them.

I would if I wasn’t using double XP.

As far as we know, it works just like Halo: Reach, if you have zero kills, you’ll get flagged for AFKing by the banhammer.

I’ve noticed though that if you get less then ten kills, your XP payout won’t be as big as it would be if you played and got a lot more kills.