Baned from halo 3 matchmaking

I tried turbo controller deranking for the first time ever, and the next day my BRAND NEW XBOX SLIM gets perm banned same as the account…Why is it that i receive no warning when everyone else gets a warning? My friend irl gave me the account since he doesnt play on it anymore and now my console is banned? Obviously im pissed off about this since i spent $240 on a new console barely 3 weeks ago…
EVERYONE else i know has received warnings along with a [1 WEEK matchmaking ban, and that happens twice before a console ban…i feel really hard done by since i only ever play halo 3 and bought a new console and now its banned…Ive always been a legitimate halo player and have played since the first one. I try deranking once and i get perm banned…why couldnt i receive a 1 week ban like EVERYONE ELSE…this is totally unfair they never do this.

My main tag is

Ive been tried everywhere and finally ive been sent here.
Please someone help me, i cant play any other game besides h3 D:

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i tried it once at 13 skill level in halo. There are so many other people who do it everyday and still never get caught and when they do get caught they get a warning, and when they get caught again they get another warning. I received no warnings and went straight to a console ban. Dont post if you have nothing productive to say. Ive played all my years of halo legit and for once i tried deranking. Its not fair that everyone else receives warnings whilst i receive a console ban, its just logic. I dont care if the account remains perm banned from the game since i will never be deranking again, i just want my console unbanned so i can continue to play how i always did, legit. And my console never had ANY warnings or black marks or whatever against it since its brand new!! Why me?..

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That account does not look like it was your first time deranking with 1000+ exp on the account. Brigadier in Team Doubles: level 31 standard boosting account…


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I simply want to talk to someone who has the authority to remove the wrongful console ban, if it was a 1 week ban i would of accepted it since i deserved a 1 week ban and would of learned my lesson. But since its straight to a console ban when i know for a fact everyone else receives 1 week ban and a warning im trying my best to talk to someone. I dont want anyone to post unless they have any productive ideas.

Btw I didn’t call you a cancer cell I referred to your behavior of deranking as cancerous to halos matchmaking. And by that you deserve a ban.

Dont even post on this, you’re obviously very narrow minded.

Please direct all question regarding bans to the official “Why Did I Get Banned” thread. Thank you.