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“Redacted” spent multiple games shooting teammates baiting them into team killing so he could boot them.

Don’t give a s**t if this goes against community guidelines, players like this should be publicly called out and shamed for this behavior when there is no other recourse. There is no way to hold them accountable for this behavior, no support ticket to submit for this, all you can do is go into the useless Xbox game bar and report the player under 5 categories of “other” that will do exactly NOTHING to stop them from continuing to do this and ruining the game for everyone involved.



Sure, I agree.
Week long suspensions for misconduct were a thing back in Reach…


There’s an ingame report function that I use pretty frequently but I haven’t heard anything from 343 on it. I wouldn’t be suprised if they don’t even review the reports.


It’s usually a common practice to be highly restrictive when it comes to publishing personal information in regards to any specific user and this do also include information about any disciplinary actions undertaken or anything similar to that.

Or don’t be a baby and recognize that (despite the frustration) people razing eachother is and always has been part of the game. Just take it with a grain of salt. I always find it fun when players act like this because you can play around with them and get revenge. It’s like being mad that someone talked crap to you. Get over it

Except when someone does that THEY are acting like a child and ruining the game for the rest of their team,


Not really. If you’re playing ranked, I def understand the aggravation. But realistically this is part of the culture. It’s an online persona and these quips can actually lead to hilarious scenarios.

I dunno man, I’ve played online since Halo 3 (and CE on PC even before that), and unlike t-bagging and trash talking, I’ve never heard anything but negative comments when one person on the team is doing stupid stuff like purposefully betraying teammates, getting in the way, destroying vehicles.


Well yeah, obviously there are people who are going to complain when it’s happening. It is an ego killer. People get mad when they’re losing generally, but they still play the game. This is all anecdotal. I’ve had many opportunities to turn it around on the other player and so have many other people. It’s just the nature of the online space. Frustrating or not, it’s really not worth coming into the forums and crying about it like you want this guy cancelled like some celeb on Twitter. There’s so many actual issues with some of these titles. Naming this guy simply because he’s a troll just comes off as insecure. I can’t imagine having posted your or someone else’s name in back in the day just because of a little horse play. There’s always another match, man.

343 aren’t half as good at handling misconduct as bungie were…
I personally don’t care enough to complain about this kinda thing either way, but I’m not about to defend the guy they’re complaining about, and I still don’t agree that stuff like betraying your teammate for the sniper to be part of the “classic halo shenanigans”, it’s just childish bad sportsmanship.


It being bad sportsmanship has nothing to do with it being part of Halo or not. The fact is it is regardless of it being good sportsmanship or not. People T-bag and send crap talk messages. You gonna get them banned too? Betrayal is on, therefore it will be exploited. It’s not cheating, it’s not breaking the game. It’s an instance of bad sportsmanship. Oh well. Make the best of it. Betray him back. Stake your claim. Move on.

Unfortunately the booting system is the worse part about the MCC.

I can’t even remember a time when a player who deliberately betrays other players and baits others to betray him ever got what he/she deserved.

There should be a harsher system where you can up load videos to 343I and then once the video has been reviewed then they should ban the player for a week.

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Send halo support a ticket with a video of the player who is betraying and they should take care of it.