Ban is sabotage

The ban in Halo Infinity is not a punishment, it is sabotage. The freedom is taken to get out of the Rounds and it is a deprivation and irresponsibility of programming by the developers.

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You abandon your team on purpose, you get punished, it’s as simple as that. It’s only unjust if the game crashes.


What about disconnects?

Disconnects are a grey area so I didn’t include it.

How many disconnects does it take to get a ban?

It happened to me once at least with like 3/4 disconnects. Not in a row in between games like disconnect play 2/3 games and disconnects again…

Does the game not re-join you in when you get reconnected like in other games that support ranked play?

Good joke man, what is this, 2022?

player bans for leaving should never be a thing in aF2P game, actually the only game a leave ban makes sense in is R6S

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No which is absurd because this has been a VERY basic feature that his existed in games for years. I’ve had 2 disconnects that I could have been back in within a minute.

I’m glad I don’t live in that world.

Banning for quitting should definitely be a thing, especially in ranked. There is nothing worse than joining a ranked game and someone quits early doors and the remaining 3 players have to slog it out and get beat in a bad way. Especially if it’s CTF or Oddball.

I don’t understand your thought process in saying that there shouldn’t be a ban in a free to play game.


banning people for leaving bc they’re new to halo and getting their butts kick will just drive players away

We do not need quitters in the Halo community, only players who finish their games with honour


Well said, I fully concur with this statement.

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Getting banned trying to get into games , be loading to get into big team battle [ BTB ] then kicked back into selection screen. Or game counts down to start , launches start , loading to start , then kicked. Now sometimes it will glitch the pop up after it says multiplayer canceled , then have to restart the game because it won’t register the acknowledgment and keeps looping the acknowledgment.

Maybe don’t be a scumbag and leave matches early?

On the topic of disconnects, I agree something should be done to remedy that, as it was not your fault.