Ban hammer

What’s going on guys. I have been getting kicked from my games on halo 5 and now I’m banned for an hour it’s so dumb. I can’t even play anymore because I never get my xp or req points for the match. I get kicked time and time again. I think that it is so bad of an idea for punishing people for getting kicked fro the games that they want to play in then they can’t now i cant do anything.

Hi I’m The ban thread please feed me.

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> Hi I’m The ban thread please feed me.

You’re welcome, kiddo

ive been banned once for betraying. This usually happens in griffball on accident because of the gravity hammer and teammates being clutered around the same target.

So my console lost connection to the lobby server and then the game banned me for 11 hours and 14 minutes, this is ridiculous and very big disappointment.
I hope 343 is proud of themselves for this inconvenience towards me and other players of the halo comunity