Ban hammer too harsh for some reasons?

The ban hammer is really good way to prevent the quitters from ruining the fun for anyone, this also strikes if you TK your teammates or not play in the game but for disconnecting from the “Dedicated server” is somehow not a person’s fault because they might live miles away from the host and have a -Yoink- connection with them.Shouldnt the punishment be less?
Post your thoughts down below

They cant tell the difference between the server losing connection and you yanking out your cable. Better safe than sorry. Besides, if you regularly get disconnected you become a liability.

hmm I agree, but here’s the kicker. Say they remove bans from people who “Disconnect”. For one I don’t know if they can even measure that. Two then people will catch on, oh if I disconnect I won’t get banned…boom pulls internet cord from modem or xbox and DCs. Do you remember “Dashboarding” on the Xbox 360? Big thing in a lot of games where you could just go to dashboard if you’re losing and you wouldnt lose XP or Rank from a game.