Ban Hammer: Connection issues/misunderstandings?

Most people reading this thread will already know about the multiplayer bans for quitting matches, betraying and just annoying other players in general. Twice in the last two days I have been banned for “losing connection to the server” with an instant response of “your ban will last —” so I decided I would come to the forums and write this as I have a couple hours spare… Not playing the game… Here’s the issue I find, the first time I was banned from multiplayer was when I quit three consecutive matches, the first one because all my team had left already (on breakout) and it was a 4 v 1 situation. Second time I had to leave so I wasn’t late going somewhere and once I returned, first match In the game “deploys” the players into the game and the server doesn’t connect, I am removed for having a “bad connection” although the other players playing that game reported that they had the same issue… And then banned for 15 minutes (or some time around that) I understand that the game can’t tell the difference between someone who is quitting matches because they need to leave the game and someone who is quitting because they are losing or just being annoying. So I let the first two times this happened pass without thinking much of it. But the third time, three hours? For not connecting to the server on two occasions, that weren’t even consecutive? If this happens again how long will the ban last…? Six hours? A day? Soon I’m not sure if the game will be playable for me.

Apart from how annoyed I am about this, I’m just trying to put the point across. I’m not trying to create drama. So if anyone else has had these issues please let me and 343 know, I understand that there have been similar threads before but some of them are badly worded and have had no time put into them. (Correct me on any issues with this post)

Thank you for reading.

  • Voltz

Update. After this my bans have been reset

I completely agree 100 percent. I have in no way acted with any misconduct and for whatever reason I was banned. I just got done playing a match where I did very well and was banned for the next 24 hours right after, this is the 2nd time. I had friends over and they all had to leave because of this. They bashed xbox and halo about how stupid that was and I had no defense. This is a bad system abd needs to be revised. Perhaps an appeal system in place but this is completely ridiculous.

I Can’t believe that after playing for 4 hours straight on Halo 5 tonight I get banned for 20 minutes due to ‘bad connection.’
I love Halo and play by the rules and never quit unless I absolutely have to. During my gaming tonight I was removed from games that I had no control over. I think this happened at least 3 times randomly and unknowingly roughly a hour or so apart. I was having some cracking great games then the next thing I know I’m completely offline and my Halo dashboard says only Solo Campaign can be played like I’ve lost connection to my router yet my console is still online and party chat is still active. To fix it I hit the home button then go straight back into Halo again and it suddenly sorts itself. I am then able to play again after that and so I did. Between then and the next 4 hours of gaming it happened randomly again and I started to get really frustrated and worried that this would lead to aggravated players and be logged on your ban list. And I really don’t want that. I want to play fair, finish games and then go to bed. What I don’t seem to understand is that I have great connection most nights and hardly ever lag out on other games. And if it does lag out like in GTA they don’t ban or warn me that I am doing some thing wrong cause it wasn’t my fault. They just let you try to get back in to the lobby. Quite often me or my friends that all play similar games like GTA, Star Wars Battlefront, Minecraft etc. struggle to keep connected together. So I know it’s not just one of us or the other it’s all of us occasionally having a wee hiccup now and then.
This is no biggy 343. Please don’t stop me from playing my number 1 game I have loved and played since I was 10 years old (25now.) I have bought the Halo consoles and every game, book and soundtrack previous to come out. I’m a big fan and I don’t want to loose this franchise. Just because of a occasional connection problem. I have no control over this and am willing to buy fiber optic to see if that helps but I doubt it would. I sympathise that the ban hammer needs to be in place and agree for what it stands for for the fools that exploit the game. Believe me I’ve seen plenty of gamers leave cause they are being beaten or don’t get the map they want but that ain’t me. I am now worried about playing Halo and have never ever been before. I don’t want this to stack up for me. Or to receive more and accumulative bigger bans for doing nothing wrong. I’m innocent and can prove this through recordings with upload. I can watch back a intense free for all match that might be going really well and the speed of the game is buzzing and I’m winning buy 1 kill and then suddenly - removed/kicked from session. And then a smack on the wrist for what. This is not cool. But at the same time it’s just a game. If the injustice continues to be happening with this game then I will be absolutely gutted and probably play something else to ‘Cool it off’ then return later. I will play Halo till Chiefs Luck runs out but I don’t want to be branded a villain on this game when I’m aspiring to be the complete opposite.

Thank you for reading this and thank you for making a fantastic game. I appreciate the difficulties with discerning the difference between real quitters and random disconnections when things don’t work or whatever. But if anyone could please let me know if there is anything I can do to avoid being the victim of this system that is currently in place the that would be a great help.


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