Ban de voz

Hola, creo el siguente tema por causa de que me banearon la charla por voz 1 semana con jugadores de xboxlive. encuentro injusta la razon del ban porque soy un usuario de xbox que no conoce muy bien la manera de conectarse ya sea por partidas personalizadas de grupo (xboxlive party) y por intentar conectarme con un amigo me aparecia un error de NAT intente repetidas veces conectarme y tratar de diveras formas hasta que me aparecio un mensaje de que en unas semana no podria charlar con jugadores en halo 4 o xbox live no lo recuerdo espero una solucion =) Gracias!


Hello, I think the NEXT issue due banearon I voice chat with players one week xboxlive. find the reason for the ban unjust because xbox’m a user who does not know very well how to connect either group custom games (xboxlive party) and trying to connect with a friend I NAT error appeared repeatedly try to connect and diveras try ways appeared to me a message that in a week could not chat with players in halo 4 or xbox live not remember I hope a solution =) Thanks!

PD:The translation may have grammar errors hopefully can understand

I would like to inform you that, the system does not have a language translator if im not mistaken. Try to PM a mod and they may probably assist you.

After running through google translate. Riiper Heinrich feels that he has been voice banned for a week for no reason. It also appears that he cant use the normal XBL party chat due to NAT issues. My only suggestions would be to either try and fix the NAT issue or just wait out the week. Halo 4 and reach both have an auto mute system in place where if a player has been muted by other players then you get mute banned for a certain amount of time. Odds are he was in a party talking with friends and while in matchmaking was muted by those who didnt understand him. I wish I could be of more direct help but I will refrain from using non-human translators for fear of saying his mother has a smooth forehead or worse.