Ban Appeals.

Last tuesday I got banned for whatever reason Ive never been told. I contacted ban appeal team 8 times already without any answer. I recorded all videos i played on the day I got banned and uploaded for someone on the appeal team to watch proving I didn’t cheat at any point and the report system is broken but noone is giving me any answer.
Not a single email, not a single notification. Nothing only a screen telling me ive been banned until 2552.
Does anyone even check the ban appeals? ive tried contacting people on twitter. Emailing 343 employees but literally noone is answering.

Sending in 8 different appeals isn’t really going to help you, it’s just adding 7 more tickets that the team need to organize and investigate. Stick with one ticket and bump it to ask for clarification on why you were banned. I will add that permanent are not in any way given out lightly or without investigation first, so there has to be something there they found that caused you to get a ban of that nature

i literally never modded in halo at any point except for youtube videos which i do on my seperate laptop, people just kept accusing me of using aimbot constantly which doesnt make any sense if my gamertag is AiM WITHOUT BoT. I make my youtube videos on my Laptop and play Halo on my OMEN HP PC.
What also doesnt make sense is IF I WOULD mod why would I use my MAIN account KNOWING it would get banned. I played MCC for 7 years trying to unlock everything getting all achievements and all season unlockables why would i be stupid enough to use my main account to cheat???
I also uploaded and sent the Ban Appeal team the game where people accused me of using aimbot. If i was cheating in this specific game, the video wouldnt have been able to load + you can see me miss hundreds of shots.