Ban afk players

Seriously I’m tired of every single game having an AFK player. You dont even kick them sometimes it’s a joke.

Some games are close as a 3v4 and others are just getting dominated. I have no idea why people go afk for the whole match when they can leave… just start banning them please id like a normal match.


Yeah hate the AFK players.

the problem is the game does have an AFK kicker, but these guys are running a bot that makes them take a step forward and back from time to time to prevent it and auto re-ques them into matches.

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Quit ban. If they join a game mode they do not want to play they will AFK to not get banned.

Instead of banning them, matchmaking should be just put them together with other quitters and AFKs. It’s a similar automated system as SBMM.

Bans cause more issues than they solve.


Nah bans are good. People need to grow up abit and accept not everything can be their way.

It’s a complete joke every game I get a DC or AFK. I want to play the game…


OK. Grow up and stop complaining that things did not go your way. :man_shrugging:


Difference is I want to play the game, if they’re going AFK clearly they dont want to.

I’m not gonna play a game to just go AFK. And for you to get banned via quitting you have to quit A LOT of games. Dont like the game dont play it. Wait.


Lol you get a ban after 2 quits with no warning. Of course people will go afk if they can’t play the mode they want, getting dominated with no chance to forfeit or have to play on bad servers. And for all the “don’t ruin the game for others” guys:

my time, my decision to make. If 343 is to lazy to come up with ideas to lower frustration or even implementing existing ones, go and yell at them…

It’s a video game and priority number 1 is: me having fun. If that means 3 random dudes from the internet have to deal with quitting or AFK players… so be it.

There are ENOUGH methods to deal with the problem… banning is not one of them.

Noo, don’t ban them.
Put them on the same team and throw them into matches with full AFK teams.

Additionally, quitters, team killers, afkers and so forth, shouldn’t be banned, but get put in an alternative player pool and matched together, no rewards.


Well that’s a lie as I quit 2 games back to back today due to afk players.

And dont play the game atm if you like only 1 mode. It’s quite obvious you wont get what you want 90% of the time so dont bother… stop wasting yours and other people’s times

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Ah because it didn’t happen to you it’s a lie… your logic is breathtaking xD

Of course I play the game, I freaking paid for it.

Beside, i barely quit or go AFK, I almost get the match I want everytime, so thats no problem. But: I couldn’t care less if I waste other peoples time… as I said, it’s a video game. If you lost because of a quitter, deal with it and move on. Over time you will win as many games as you lost because of people leaving.

You know what I consider as wasting time, People going-10 and not beeing bright enough to play defensively if they can’t keep up for whatever’s reason. But am I wantig them to get banned? No… because -Yoink!- happens.

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I have been playing for eight hours each day for two days now trying to get a strongholds match I finally get one after that much time and it’s a loss I need wins for my challenge so I guess back to another couple days of waiting for the game mode to finally reappear at this point I might as well just sit AFK waiting for the mode since I can’t back out or I get banned

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Depends on the type of AFK’ing.

If they AFK from the start and don’t move at all untill the AFK timer throws them out… It might just be the game doesn’t load them in. Their spartan is then loaded in the game, even though they are still looking at the loading screen and can’t do anything. This is just an realy annoying bug in the game.

If they do move a lil to avoid the kicktimer, then it’s probably in ranked i guess. This is ‘simply’ the consequence of the quitban. Quitbans don’t make people want to play, that’s a myth. It only makes them go AFK, grief or throw matches to end it as soon as possible.
And i think this week that problem is only enhanced with all those ranked challenges, so people who don’t like to play ranked are forced to play it if they want to complete the challenges and get the cosmetics. If their challenge is to play a specific gamemode in ranked, or need a win and its already clear they wont get it, a lot of them will just go AFK, go camp or (when its a slayermode) just give away free kills to get the match over with quicker. It’s definitely bad behavior, but it is completely predictable when you come up with challenges like that and have a quitban in place.

Here is how to pick your game-types in Halo Infinite Multiplayer.

Go into a game playlist, any playlist, and start joining the game. As soon as the bar at the bottom turns blue & the mode has been loaded, press the View button* to go into the Social menu, then Fireteam. You can now see the map and the game mode you’re loading into on the right side. If it’s not the one that you want, press X to leave the Fireteam & cancel the request to join the match.

Once canceled, you can now attempt to start the process again, until you get the gametype you actually want to play. :sunglasses:

  • The View button is the one to the left of the Menu (Start) button; it’s the one with two squares on it.

AFK Players got me to Onyx Rank though lol

But seriously, ban them or kick inactive players who don’t move within 30 Seconds. Campers move, looking around, checking there surroundings within 30 seconds.

Afk players don’t move at all and within 30 seconds, there inactivity can cost the team the match. Within 30 seconds of inactivity, they can be killed up to 10 times depending on the map, spawn points and if it’s objective based.

Right now, I do believe the respawn timer is 3 seconds, I may be wrong ; Either way, 3 - 5 seconds of inactivity within 30 seconds can throw a match.

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There is a kicktimer in place. I’m not sure what that time is, i guess about a minute?

And the respawn times is 8 seconds if im correct.

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If 8 seconds, thats about 3 - 4 times an AFK player can be killed, again, depending on the map, game type and spawn points, that AFK player can throw the match for the team.

Good tip!

Definitely. I hate AFK players too. Only exception i have is with the ones that are just ‘AFK’ because the game doesn’t load them in. I hate that, but not those players, since its not their fault then.

I’ve only gone afk once and I wasn’t afk at all.

Someone on our team was using the marker thing but when I say using I mean abusing, we’re talking 20-30 yoinking beeps every 2 seconds. He wasn’t doing it to annoy, he was try harding. Was driving me nuts and I couldn’t hear anything else in my headphones.

I tried beeping back at him 20 times, he continued so I parked my Spartan in the corner of a room and just kept shaking my head in the hope he’d die, spectate my cam and get so angry he’d have a heart attack in real life.

Not sure if it worked but not played with him since so fingers crossed :joy:

:joy:This cat got their claws sharpened today. Meow!

Well, I will say if you have young kids in the house, you’re going to have to go AFK once in a while.

Sorry :man_shrugging:t2:

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