Balancing the Hydra

Basically just gonna keep this as brief as possible. The hydra should not be able to track people from across the map from hipfire. It should be like the cindershot, where the ADS changes the fire mode to tracking. And like most guns, if you get hit it should take you out of that ads. That way you can’t just stand on top of something and annoy the crap out of people without them knowing what hit them.

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Not sure what ADS is but Hydra needs two things: Stronger tracking and stronger damage. It takes way too many hits to kill and the tracking is just so weak that it can be easily sidestepped.


I really can’t believe how much the Hydra got absolutely BUTCHERED in Infinite. I thought the Halo 5 version was great. The Hydra in Infinites seems like it belongs two decades in the past in Combat Evolved.

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ADS means ‘Aim Down Sights’


Hmm, well then I don’t undrstand what OP is saying. If you hit the scope button and let go, the reticle changes and you are in tracking mode. It is improved from H5 in that it stays in that mode until you hit the scope button again, you don’t need to keep holding the button.

Not sure what you’re on about. Halo Infinite’s Hydra is garbage compared to Halo 5. Many of the weapons are a shadow of their former versions. Hydra is good for Wasps, and shooting at player’s feet.

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