Balancing the Crap

Loadouts: Primary Weapon: Assault Riffle

Battle Riffle

Covenant Carbine

Storm Rifle


Secondary Weapon: Magnum Only

Armor Ability: None Make them map pickups like equipment

Perks: Remove

Ordnance: Personal Ordnance: Left: Plasma Pistol/Boltshot

Bottom: Dmr/Light rifle

Right: Ammo

Sprint: Since 343 will probly not remove sprint i suggest giving us an option to disable it in custom games so the competitive community isnt raging. Also to balance sprint make it so when u get shot u start walking and can not run for a few seconds.

Descope: Return

Ranking tSystem: (For ranked playlist i recommend adding divisions like gold and silver and grand master with seasons in them, halo 3s ranking system was really broken we had de rankers, boosters, and lots of cheaters cause it was easy to cheat and a get 50 make it hard to get a gran master. For Social Playlist i like xp like halo 3s where it makes it so if u win u get +1xp u lose u get 0 u quit u lose 1 and for every 10xp or so you rank up.

I’d rather have a normal plasma rifle from CE over the storm rifle. And i’d also like the ODST SMG to be a primary.

I don’t think AA’s should be map pick ups and perks should return but more balanced. No things like survivor resistor and ammo.

it would be kool to see the halo 1 plasma rifle return but perks dont need to be in halo especially how they did it when they were crutches or took away base player traits from the previous games. i think aa’s or equipment on map could work as long as they add something to the player model so you can tell what they’re carrying. i think PO should be removed seeing as it discourages movement and as for sprint i was personally fine with the way it functioned in reach.