Balancing Spartan charge

Spartan charge at its current implementation is quite unbalanced. It deals too much damage and the range it can travel is far too big. I have an idea to nerf it slightly ( I apologise in advance for my lack of knowledge in the terminology of the new Spartan abilities ).

You cannot do a Spartan charge immediately after initiating sprint, it takes a short time to reach maxim
um speed ( this is shown by this effects around the edges of the screen ). My idea is pretty simple, what if when a player receives damage while sprinting they revert back to the initial sprint mode? They remain sprinting but they lose the ability to Spartan charge.

Thoughts/flaws in my idea?

I guess so. But usually all it takes is for you to melee them back and pop off a quick shot.

I feel as though its pretty balance, I constantly spartan charge an opponent and I don’t get to shoot them fast enough after the charge and I die.

Seems pretty balanced to me so far.

I find thrusting to the side is the most effective counter. If you see someone sprinting at you, it’s pretty easy to guess what they are planning therfor allowing you to counter easily by thrusting to the left or right. I mean isn’t that counter enough?

Yeah I don’t have an issue with it, just taken some getting used to

yeah it’s hard for me to pull off without dying; prolly balanced

like it the way it is. I actually use the spartan charge as an extra evade. For example, to get to the garage you are usually getting shot by the other team already so i spartan charge and thrust to the garage to get to safety.

you also need to run for a significant distance in order to OHK. otherwise you just end up with a normal melee and you’re disoriented. I’ve been killed several times after charging someone and failing to kill

it has less range than a aimed Energy Sword, and cannot be spammed like the Energy Sword.

notice them early and its pretty easy to kill head on sprinters.

really its only good if you are sprinting around corners… i get that’s semi common in arena but really its something that is easy to account for.