Balancing out (slight) hitbox differences in MP

When it comes to deciding whether or not playable Sangheili should exist in mainstream matchmaking and not being segregated into a select few playlists, I’ve found that the greatest concern in many arguments is the difference in hitbox sizes between Spartans and Elites. And this is a very valid concern — as a marginal difference in hitbox size goes a long way in a fight.

But can that difference be balanced without shrinking down Elites or giving them identical hitboxes as Spartans (and therefore causing immense confusion when people witness their shots passing harmlessly through their Sangheili opponent)?

I think it can.

In fact, although it’s by no means flawless (that’s what discussing it and debating it is for), my solution involves scaling the level of aim-assist when looking at a target to be relative to the size of its hitbox in comparison to a Spartan’s. To put this in context with Sangheili players, if their hitbox is 10% larger than a Spartan’s, the aim-assist when aiming at them will be 10% lower than when aiming at a Spartan.

Assuming that there aren’t any weird variables hidden from view that I may be overlooking, this should, in theory, remove the disadvantage that Sangheili players face in Matchmaking due to being a larger target. And if all goes well, this could open up a world of new possibilities for customization.


I doubt they’ll go for it, the whole premise seems to be identical starts for mp. They could do whats already been done and just have shrunken elites, I would totally be fine with that.