Balancing Ordnance

Halo 4’s Multiplayer is not bad and it is not far from being just as fun and replayable as previous games. I feel that it is only broken and needs some tweaking and additions to bring it back to life. Now I don’t post on these forums often and I apologize if I repeat things already stated but I just want a moment of your time to hear me out and see if you guys agree with me.

I’ll keep it short for you and please keep in mind that these are just some of personal ideas that I think would improve the game experience for me (I hope that you may also feel the same).

Problem) Ordnance.

Don’t get me wrong, I love infinity slayer in Halo 4. It has grown on me and I find that in gametypes that lack Ordnance, I miss it. My initial response to this new gameplay function (along with the personal loadout system) was that it had ruined the Halo experience. That it was not Halo any more if players could choose to spawn with the ‘noob combo’ and ignore the need to control the power weapons on the map. But I think Halo needed to change and the Ordnance is almost the perfect evolution to Halo’s multiplayer dynamic. What bugs me is the randomness of the whole thing and how games between two equally skilled teams can be decided by the luck of the draw. To this I pose two solutions which I believe would eliminate the the problems and create balance.

Solution 1) Tiers.
(Tier 1 - 5 Kills
Tier 2 - 10 Kills
Tier 3 - 15 Kills)

Now I know this is very COD influenced but I believe a more balanced approach to the Ordnance system would be to divide the weapons into 3 tiers and give the player the choice of whether or not they’d like to choose a less powerful weapon after their first Ordnance (say a needler or overshield) or if they wanted to save that Ordnance until they reached Tier 2 (allowing them more powerful weapons such as a shotgun or SAW). Tier 3 would then contain the big guns (Binary rifle, sniper etc) and would reward the player for getting a lot of kills and holding onto their ordnance. I believe that this system would prevent instances where there are too many power weapons on the map and it would also guarantee the best weapons to those who have earned them.

Solution 2) Overall Team kills
(Tier 1 - 25 Kills
Tier 2 - 50 Kills
Tier 3 - 75 Kills)

This would work very similarly to Halo Reach’s invasion slayer and would allow more powerful weapons to be available in the player’s Ordnance drop as each team accumulated more kills. So after a team had reached 25 kills, they would be able to unlock more powerful weapons in their ordnance drops, 50 and 75 kills would unlock even more powerful and so on and so forth. This system would make the control of the power weapons that spawned on the map much more of a priority. It would also make the last minutes of the game a lot more tense and exciting with the addition of more powerful weapons available.

Please let me know if you guys agree with me on this one? Maybe such changes could be made to the next Halo game’s multiplayer if people feel the same way as I do. Thank you for listening.