Balancing issues

Can’t find anywhere else to submit issues so it’s going here i guess

First off the sniper just doesn’t feel as good as previous games and the lens flare is WAY too much

Second the rocket launcher, on multiple occasion, would hit a warthog or mongoose and nothing would happen. the players would just drive on. sometimes even after multiple hits. the rockets also seem incredibly slow. In addition one time while on a flat terrain a rocket went by me and I could hear it explode and somehow it killed me. I was watching the other guy the whole time he only shot on rocket.

Third a similar issue to the rocket launcher is the gravity hammer. Often I’ll be hit by it even from a noticeable distance but in my most recent match I hit a guy three times with a gravity hammer one right after another and on the final hit he someone how managed to melee and kill me.

Fourth the shield break often feels inconsistent. sometimes after it breaks you’ll die in maybe a hit or two but other times you can take entire clips. this goes both for what I’ve taken and for what others have taken

Fifth often time if I get the invisibility I’ll use it and try to sneak around but the second an enemy comes into sight they’ll see me. but I’ve seen other both allies and foes use it and be completely invisible (at least in a fire fight). So if I’m supposedly invisible and sneaking around how am I being seen by often times multiple enemies at once and being gunned down. So the invisibility doesn’t seem to work

Sixth the shield wall just sucks. It unlike the bubble shield takes a long time to come out, only guards from one direction and the wall breaks in what feels like three bullets from and assault rifle

Lastly the banshee and wasp. The banshee feels weak both in terms of damage and how much damage it can take. The wasp on the other hand feels way too strong and there’s no reasonable way to get rid of them often leading to the first team getting just winning a match… The wasp has too much damage, too much health and no real way to get rid of it and often getting it leads to spawn camping.

Those are my thoughts of the balancing. the game other wise feels good and fun to play but these issues happen (each of them) usually multiple times a match and it just feels frustrating and often like I’m dying because the game isn’t working.

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I agree. Whats up with all the lens flare and bright red enemies? It feels like it was catered to children. I also feel that interaction speeds with in game objects really slows down movement. Starting with a battle rifle instead of assualt and pistol as its always been makes a few weapons in the game pretty superfluous. And this might not be a balancing issue but when are we gonna be able to pock a game mode we want to play instead of everything being a mandatory rotation that we cant customize?

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