Balanced searching

So I’ve been away on holiday for the last week and came back on to Halo 5 and started a game of Team Arena. I expected to do worse than I usually do after being away from my console but found the match pretty terrible and had a 0.5 KD when I have an average of 1.4. I thought I may have just over expected what I’d be able to do in the match but when shown the post match table, saw I was playing against Platinum, Diamond, and Onyx players. I myself was Gold VI in June/July so would have expected Platinum players at the most but had no idea why I was against such skilled players. I played another match and it was the same story so I switched to Slayer. Left the first match after dying 4 times in the first couple of minutes (don’t usually quit) and went to join another match. Again saw Platinum and Onyx players and in the following match was put against a Champion ranked player. Did another couple of matches and there was no change so I just came off.

So yeah, that’s basically the issue I’ve had in two playlists and it’s made the game less fun to play. I mean I like a challenge while playing, but not to that extend obviously. I wondered if anyone else had had the same issue or if it was just me. Thanks for reading this far and hopefully you can shed some light on this.

Were you playing on your own (not part of a fireteam)? What were the ranks of the players that were matched to you on your team?
Edit: looked back through your history myself. It looks like the teammates who were on your team made your average team rank about the same as your opponents’. And considering those Team Arena games were ultimately victorious in your team’s favor, I would say the games were closely matched, even if your personal performance suffered. The matchmaking isn’t perfect; it tries to closely match by fireteam averages, and when you enter matchmaking by yourself, you open yourself up to more variation based on who the game matches to you. Most of the slayer matches that followed your Team Arena games also were closely matched.

I get that it balances the teams, it’s just that I’ve never had this issue before. I’m pretty sure there isn’t much I can do about it other than put up with it or not play, of which I have chosen the latter. Thanks anyway for clearing up what was happening though.