balanced search

so im average at best, just now got to gold two in slayer. on balanced search it puts me against diamond and plat players. I do a focused search and I get high gold to diamond 4. there is something wrong with this, anyone else have this problem

I have had the complete opposite tonight. I started out a gold 3 and dropped to a gold 1 because i have been connecting with unranked and silvers tonight. Bullets i dont believe are registering. Disconnecting. Dealing with quiters and people staying idel. Betrayers. Requisition data not loading. I usually never have problems. But tonight is just unplayable.

i think it is great

I’m Gold 1 in arena and since using focussed search have definitely come across far more mid to high plats. i’m just not good enough! I was hoping that focussed would be playing only people around low/mid gold with ok connection but it seems to do more ‘overall’ team rank now but at my level even with plats in my team I get stomped. lol