Balance weapon sandbox!

Dmr, 7 shot kill with headshot…

Boltshot- kill range, 4 meters, pop shields 9 meters (current range)

br- fine

storm rifle- fine

suppreser- reduce bloom

magnum- fine

needler- increase ammo

pp- decrease shots to kill, and overheart

carbine, increase fire rate significantly- but increase shots to kill slightly

light rifle, decrease hip fire rate but make it 4 shot

scattershot- make more consistent, increase projectile speed

hammer, increase lunge range

warthog- increase turret damage and bullet magnitism

General changes-------

grenades increase range to the same of grenades on the explosives perk, also reduce the damage to the explosive perk- remove perk

Forerunner grenade- add emp effect to it

PP remove lock on to vehicles, reduce emp time to 1 second,

wheal man- remove emp entirely- or make it only pause the vehicle

vehicle health- give vehicles visible health bars, and give them a slow health recharge up to a point…

vehicles have Armour that can get blown up that does not regenerate permanently reducing health

reduce plasma grenade damage to tanks…

any additions, or revision?

did this end up in the wrong fourm? i ment t put it into the halo 4 one

You may have made this balancing issue a tad more overcomplicated than necessary…

shoot, any suggestions on how to simplify it, was typing on an ipod during multiple breaks at work…

i really wanted to address some weapon issues, and the vehicle problems with pp starts and sticky along with pulse gernade