Balance changes and ect

Ravager: The 1st firing mode is so god awful, it needs some love with damage. The secondary charged shot is fine, it’s an AOE effect… and does what it’s supposed to do.

Hydra: This thing is straight buttcheeks. Fires slow, travels slow, reloads slow, damage is straight garbage. Only chance you have to get kills with this is if someone is new to halo and is out in the open, or a 1 shot enemy.

Battle Rifle: It needs a tad bit reduced range.

AR: This thing is a laser beam, and takes 0 skill whatsoever to use. Either reduce it’s damage or accuracy.

Sidekick: 7 rounds to kill, 12 in the mag. It takes skill but at the same time luck based and fires way too fast. Reduce the fire rate, and make it 6sk. If you fight an AR you will lose majority of the time unless you hit all perfect shots with it’s bloom… but don’t you dare slow down firing it… for accuracy, you’ll lose.

Sniper weapons: get rid of the freaking glint… it’s just annoying to look at, and have on you. It’s just catering to the situational incompetent.

Outlines need to go or nerfed: You are spotted anywhere on the map easily. You can’t play sneaky easy at all. Plus for the customization boys out there… you can’t tell what someone is wearing if all you see is the outline itself… just saying… let alone tell if someone’s shields are popped. Make the outline only surround the player model… slightly to tell who is who, and show a more prominent shield pop. Plus you can see customization.

Why is BTB AR starts??? that right here is baffling beyond comprehension. Why do we not have 1-2 casual playlists for BR starts??? Why does Btb vehicles spawn towards the end of the match i.E. banshees, scorpions, wasps? Another thing about BTB… power weapons and equipment spawn too frequently.

Get rid of individual performance on Ranked. So far all it is promoting is KD fests instead of obj play. Even if you lose, but slayed you get a rank up. lol. Oh you were playing obj holding the ball, or running the flag… and went negative even by 1, and win? barely any MMR or an actual reduction.

Buff the radar a bit, currently it’s pretty pointless. By the time you notice someone, it’s too late. You are getting double melee’d or beamed by an AR.

Bulldog needs a range buff. It works well if you are super close, but it’s range is god awful. It’s the H3 shotty all over again.

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Agreed with everything until you said this - the bulldog has a huge range.

It’s not a one shot kill so if you’re wondering why you don’t get the kill - that’s why - 2 shot with a fast rate of fire.

No, NO NO NO ABSOLUTE NO. The AR needs it range reduced Not the BR that’s what made me hate Halo 4 when they reduced the range of the BR and gave it’s range to the obsolete DMR

Glint is here to stay learn to think, Sniper brains

Just give us the old shotgun back with short range and one hit kill at the very short range.

The bloom plus the minimal bullet magnetism completely blow my mind for the sidekick, its like complete rng for both parties on the final headshot at like midrange