How do I distinctive new release here on Halo Waypoint ?

Is there a list or something to pass me ?

what does this mean? seriously…

What are you talking about, bro?

I’m sorry
I am Brazilian and the moderator asked me to write in English so I have to use google translator that you know is not very good .

They know the distinctive that exist here on the site ?
Like for example the distinctive Statistician ?
So … I wonder how releases new badges
If there is any list to mi pass that shows how to make the distinctive

Most of the Badges for Halo Waypoint aren’t available any more, but you can find a list of some of them in the topic in General Discussion:


There is no other distinctive for me?

> 2535444296991467;9:
> There is no other distinctive for me?

Join a Spartan Company. That will give you another badge. :slight_smile: