Was anyone’s free pack today called baddispot because mine was and the stuff I got from it all disappeared and I’m worried I’ve been hacked because today I bought 3 gold packs for £7 pound and the stuff I got in it was called baddispot and I’m worried something has happened

This is an old glitch. All you have to do is a hard boot to the XBOX and your good to go. You have what ever was in the pack in your inventory. Also next time you have these types of issues, you should post in the SUPPORT section.

Don’t worry OP, you won’t have lost any items. What happens here is that the opening animation for the packs gets skipped over but the items do still get deposited in your REQ inventory. You need to hard reset your console to see the updated inventory in-game, alternatively you check for new items here on Waypoint:

If I recall correctly what you’re saying, is it’s actually called <baddispprops>, which I assume stands for “Bad display properties.” This goes along with what stckrboy said that it skips over the opening animation. I’ve had this before as well. Reboots fix the issue but I just ignore it because it doesn’t bother anything.