Bad news for SteamDeck/linux users: 343 currently has no plans to enable MCC linux/proton anti-cheat support

Just wanted to let everyone who’s curious or asking know, yesterday I submitted a support ticket asking for SteamDeck and linux Easy Anti-Cheat support, explaining that it became much easier within the last month to enable EAC in Proton, linked to Valve’s official documentation on how to do it, and even copy/pasted the step-by-step guide on how to enable it into the support ticket (it’s 4 easy steps, like I described in this post:

Today I received the response: “Although we don’t have any information at the moment for plans to enable Linux support for Easy Anti-Cheat, we hear you and we thank you for your feedback.”

Extremely unfortunate to hear, as I’d love to play Halo multiplayer on these platforms. With games like Apex Legends, SMITE, Elden Ring, Rust, Fall Guys, and more all enabling (or promising to enable) linux EAC, you’d think they’d want to hop on the bandwagon.

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This is about what I expected, they’re trying to keep PC gaming more or less synonymous with Windows. They like the Steam Deck fine, they’ll just want you to install Windows on it (with all of its bloat and spyware)