Bad Matching System

First off, a few things I’ve noticed switching from Call Of Duty to Halo is that Cod creates a competitive environment while Halo creates a environment of child’s play and bad game modes. For example, when you play Cod with a fire team of 6, you get matched up against another full fire team of 6, not randoms mixed together, and when you don’t have a full team in Cod, they immediately match players into your game so it’s balanced. Comparing to Halo, Halo likes to try to make you feel as if your match fairly with there “competitive skill ranking” even though it’s only there to try to change the players mind to a competitive list of game modes and no fun game types like Halo Reach had. Another problem encountered with there so called fair matching system is that if you search for a server in team slayer all by yourself, the servers will match you with a team of randoms and a whole entire fire team of friends. Another problem with Halo is that they think that everyone loves grifball and made it a permanent game mode even though infection and/or action sack would have a greater appeal to us players. If the servers were to get a rating, they would get a 2 out of 10. Reasons being that there is not a huge variety of game modes to select between, the matching system is not at all fair, and there servers have the tendency to kick you out of a match and lag a great amount.

Then play COD. They are not suppose to be the same.