Bad Connection and Servers In Australia

I was playing my 10 placement games and got kicked out of 3 games, 3 GAMES before they started and this affected my placement. This keeps on occurring and it seems as its not anything new, as I’m in Australia. Hell, we can’t even find matches in more than half the playlists available. Forget about rankings. Just make the game playable for people in Australia!

(I doubt 343 will even care to view this forum post, as the Region Lock problems still continue despite the overwhelming posts on waypoint)

Let’s pray… But it is getting excessive. It’s been what, 6 months now with no region fix? And now this? Fudge me, ridiculous.

Its completely outrageous, Oh yeah, we are listening to feedback, disables European region lock and keeps region lock in the continent which requested it to be removed the most. Logic.

I hope you guys are happy… :wink:
Region lock now appears to be disabled for Australia, so our pings have skyrocketed from maybe 10-50ms in game to 170-250ms (just a guess, but prove me wrong).
At least beforehand games were zippy (when you got in, Arena and Slayer were the ones with the most players…), and Free for All didn’t warn about “One or more players in your party has a high latency to the dedicated server.”

The best test for lag is to throw a grenade. Is there a bit of a delay after the animation before the grenade itself appears? Welcome to lag city.

I’m wondering have they just shut down the Aus servers and now we all connect to the US?