Bad communication

You guys love to drag the bad communication around the forum and then you are the first to not listen.
To make a single example: YES, the winter battle pass is going to be free with 30 levels and Mark Vb free core. I’ve seen lots of people write OH, I’ve just found out this thing! 343 bad communication , but this stuff is said in a crystal clear way in the video presentation for the winter update :neutral_face:

BTW, the video is like 12 minutes.
Open your eyes and stop complain about stuff that is 100% your lack of interest and fault.


In all fairness, I only know about the free 30 tier pass because of Halo content creators, not 343i themselves. There’s also nothing that I can see on Halo Infinite right now which would indicate there’s going to be a free 30 tier pass. Many people I’ve spoken to have missed out on events because they didn’t even know they were happening.

People stopped tuning into the 343i YouTube videos because to be straight with you, they seem pretty dishonest.

It feels like they’re constantly breaking their own promises. Thousands of customisation options at launch? Nope, can’t even select the colour red without paying money.
3 month long seasons? Yeah, they said season 2 would only be 6 months, and now it’s turning into a 10 month wait if you count the free battlepass.

Heck, 343i lied about splitscreen Co-Op. Players were able to glitch in and play 4 man splitscreen on the original Xbox One with no issues, yet 343i said they couldn’t get it working?

I also find it hard to believe that the reason they haven’t added the DMR (a weapon which is fully working and textures) is because they’re having trouble making it track stats correctly. Are you seriously telling me a triple A company in charge of Xbox’s flagship title don’t even know how to add new weapons to the game? They did it in Halo 5 ffs, they had monthly updates in Halo 5 too!

Maybe 343i should’ve actually made true to their promises. Then the community would actually listen and believe them.


Preach. Most on here just love to rage over nonsense when the answers for it all are in their face.


Content should be shared in short 1-3 minute videos giving an overarching process. A lot can be said in a short period of time.


Bad communication from me mostly refers to lies. I don’t even watch their videos, I wait for someone to bullet point list what they said, so we can add it to the bingo board like Split screen Co-op and “free cosmetics”. I went piece by piece, they had more than enough slots for every piece of Reach Armour in that first battle pass, but they spent half of them on colours that were standard in every game, so they could sell the rest on the store.

This game ripped me off with it’s campaign, that they promised would take me “all over the ring” but didn’t take me out of the single grassy biome, I don’t give a crap if the Spartans they introduced for the battle pass have tummy aches, they’re just going to live in VR Spartan Ops for the rest of the games lifespan. 5 had an excuse to “train” Spartans all day, this game doesn’t.

Oh, guess what’s in the “Free” battle pass? Half of that Reach armour that could have been in the 1st pass! Guess what, I beat that one, and I was angry about it because I ran out of challenge swaps even with my Rockstar habit bringing them in for months. I’m not playing to earn something when it feels like you held it back on purpose.

The frustrating thing is that the recent videos to introduce Forge were awesome.

And the casual couch chats on the community stage at the recent World Championships. Just brilliant.

Hopefully 343 will see that all we want is regular and honest engagement.

None of this staged hype like the World Premiere of The Pit remake.

Watching the genuine pride the Forge guys have in their product. While acknowledging what they need to fix… and what they would like to do…

More please.

One of the stupidest things I’ve seen on this platform