Backwards compatibility

So I was in the MCC forums and someone was talking (I think) about trying his halo 2 disc in his Xbox one/series (?) Whatever and it obviously not working because it isn’t supported.

Will there be a chance in the future to have the og Xbox versions of halo CE and 2 put into the BC program for Xbox one/series consoles? I know the games are in the MCC but as we know we have the OG 360 games readily available (or were) to purchase so, would the OG Xbox games be possible?

Unfortunately that is not down to 343i. It is the team over at Xbox that handle a video games backwards compatibility, and as they’re focused on the Xbox Series X/S now, I don’t think any more games will be added to the backwards compatibility catalogue.

I forget that its down to the Xbox team sometimes thanks lol.
It’s been a while since I read the post by Xbox/a member of Xbox but didn’t it say they were going to stop adding new games until the new console released?