backwards compatibility not working on Reach disc.

Since Halo: Reach is no backward compatible I’m having trouble installing/playing Halo: Reach on my xbox one. Every time I put the disc into the console I get an error message saying that it needs to be a disc compatible with xbox one. I tried removing/reinserting the disc into the console but to no success any idea’s on how to get it to work?

Having the same problem, and super-pissed because I bought the game specifically so I could play it on my Xbox One and have the whole series (minus Halo Wars).

I have the same problem , they need to acknowledge it and do something quick

I had that problem when I first inserted it, but i did a hard reset. Then after reinserting it, I waited like 2 minutes and it finally showed up.

Its not 343’s fault, it is Microsoft’s xbox 360 emulators fault. But i am sure Microsoft will fix it with the next patch.

The only problem is low frame-rate

Reach downloaded for me I don’t know what the problem is.