Backsmacks in Tactical Slayer is the worst challenge ever

Seriously who comes up with these challenges?

You’re joking, right?

Just skip it. HOnestly at this point this is the only unique event left of this season. Just skip it and do something else because they’ll keep adding the same ones back in.

Theyre all trash challenges.

Why are we still relying on challenges anyway?

Can we get a different developer to take over halo.

Tired of 343.

Played 1 game of swat (not tactical slayer in my book).

Saw challenges.

Shut off box.

Gonna play a different gane later lol.

-dial up sound in 343 studio employee’s head-

Maybe the lead dev that just left lol but with our luck he was the only one making the game good. That’s the halo community’s luck right now