Backout Penalties

As much as I love decimating the opposing team, when the teams become unbalanced (4v3-2-1) having a penalty for quitting is absurd. If you’re on the disadvantaged team, dying 20 or more times to end a 4v2-1 is excruciating and if the last remaining 1-2 players know the hiding places well and don’t move, then a simple win (or improbable loss, because they were winning when their team left and then they hide for 6 minutes) is equally boring. A game should be fun but the frequency quitting happens in halo this becomes a penalty because you don’t have a “mercy” system to end hysterically unbalanced games. I’m fine with quitting early affecting my ability to play the next game and my ranking IN GAME but it’s ridiculous that it effects my overall reputation on Xbox Live.

I hate quitters…

I never quit on my team but sometimes they quit on me I that’s why I found a group to play with.

I only quit this awful Halo 4.

I do agree with you but at the same time, it’s hard to balance. I feel the best course of action is to just hide, be patient, and try not to butcher your K/D by just running around and dying to end the game quicker