Backing-up Halo: Reach Player Data?

Hey all,

I was just wondering if we should back-up our Halo: Reach player data like people have to do with Gears 3 through Cloud or a through a USB. I was, unfortunately, reset in Gears as a result of a freeze on one of the loading screens. I lost my level 280, all of my ribbons, onyx medals, characters, skins, etc. On the bright side, I have all of the achievements in Gears 3 except for Seriously 3.0 and Socialite (I wasn’t around when you could glitch it). I was really upset because I put five months into that game and lost everything :frowning:

Lesson learned, I don’t want to have the same thing happen for ANY of my Halo games.

So, again, I was wondering if we should do that with Reach.

Thanks for your help, guys. I can’t wait for Halo 4. I’m definitely pre-ordering the LE.


Well if you have a HD, i recommend you use that instead of Cloud saving.

Just remember if you want to use the Cloud, you have to keep your xbox live gold updated or you won’t be able to extract your save data.

It’s really up you to but from what i can deduce from your post, you are better off NOT cloud saving as you don’t want to lose progress.

All of the Halo: Reach data for online profiles is saved online, so you will never have a chance of losing it even if it corrupts.

MOA is right my xbox was stolen a few months after I started playing reach. But once I was able to get another xbox all my Halo stuff was still there halo 3, halo reach service records were still intact so no worries.

I wonder why Gears has to be so different.

Anybody have any explanations?

Just curious …