Back to the MCC. Progression is a dumpster fire but the lack of modes and playlists is even worse

Fired up MCC this morning to get a few games in before work. Selected exactly what I wanted to play, with the exact team size and within 30 seconds I was playing king of the hill 8v8. Finished the game and finished two very generic challenges without even trying (kill 25 players and finish 1 match). Gave me 500Kxp towards my account rank and unlocked 2 nameplates for the 20th anniversary celebration. Was a very enjoyable 30mins while I had my coffee.

No oddball or CTF that I dont enjoy. Just some nice slayer focused game modes that I got to choose supported by some challenges you finish just by playing naturally.


I can’t believe they spent so long making the MCC so convenient for players only to turn around with Infinite & create the most aggravating, frustrating and annoying environment possible

I cannot believe we have to ask for a SLAYER playlist in HALO in the year 2021, let alone everything else that Infinite lacks

They’ve created a game in which it is more beneficial to AFK in a bot playlist than actually playing the game, this is the worst Halo online experience since the MCC’s launch.

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