Back to Level 1?

So as of today (election day) I wanted to play some Halo. I had played for the past 3 days normally but today was particular to have problems. I am able to play gamemodes as normal and have no fps issues. But I am not able to access REQ’s and my level (from 36) has brought itself down to 1. My service tag, emblem, armor and color has moved to the defaults. This scared me at first but I decided to roll with it. I played a match perfectly fine (went 26 and 8 ;D) but the after seeing the victory scene I got angry with just the default armor. If there is any fix that would be wonderful. I have also turned on and off my xbox twice and no change. Thanks anyone who reads!!

Usually this goes away, and you get everything back.

Yeah man just try to restart the game or your console.