Back To Halo 4

We should all just go back to Halo 4 if we want to access Community features. Halo 4 had File Browser, Custom Gametypes and a complete forge…Halo 4 was the “Communitized” game or me. You can literally make any game type you want and there are already Community mods.

go back to reach that’s where its at!

Some of us still play Halo 4, even if we have Halo 5 for Xbox One.

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> go back to reach that’s where its at!

Yes! Reach was where it was at, and now we can play it on the one, yay. You sir get a fist bump, “reaches out and bumps fist”

maybe i should go back to the 360, or mcc. Get in touch with my roots. But going back to those games feels weird when you have played 5, everything feels slower. Like, wow, was it allways like this, oh wow it was, halo 5 is so different.

I had already finished Halo 4 on legendary on the 360. Just started Legendary in the XB1 this mourning.